Vial & Test Tube Label Materials

Ask a real personBarcode labels need to remain clear and readable in order to be properly scanned. As you might already know, some label types perform better in the lab than others. Below we have listed label material types with some of their characteristics and features. The label types play a key role in the printing of bar codes in the lab. Contact Our Label Experts for Free Samples or more information.

If you are looking for freeze resistant labels be sure to check out our Cryogenic Labels section.


Product Description
211 Paper Black Printing on white paper, this direct thermal label material is used in many different printers, including Intermec, Zebra, Cognitive Solutions, Datamax, MedPlus and many others. It is coated to resist blood, oils, fats and other liquids.
232/233 Papers IR scannable, these direct thermal labels meet the special requirements of certain medical equipment to scan bar codes with an Infra-Red light source.  (233 is made with tight release adhesive good for small cores used in desktop printers.)
254 Plastic A direct thermal plastic, this label allows excellent print quality. It is resistant to water, alcohol, and some other solvents. (incidental contact) It can handle some really tough conditions, including cryogenic temperatures.
815 Paper Laser printable, this specialty coated, water-resistant paper label stock with extra-aggressive adhesive excels in extreme cold temperatures (down to -65°F) Available in 8.5″ x 11″ sheets. Stock sizes. Call for info or samples.
Design Your Own Labels We can produce custom label materials to meet your needs. We can provide Label Printers and Bar Code Scanners as well. Contact Our Label Experts to find out more.
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