Cap and Wrap® CryoLabel®

Label Solutions for Cold Temperature Tube Storage

Cap & Wrap Labels

Laboratories that handle specimens stored in cryogenic conditions typically work with automated retrieval systems. This has increased the need for Cryogenic Labeling on not only tubes but the caps of those tubes. Fortunately, the advent of two-dimensional (2D) barcodes has really helped utilize that valuable cap space and at the same time, can incorporate extra information where older lineal barcodes simply wouldn’t fit.

EIM developed Cap and Wrap® Label Sets specifically for those retrieval systems. Made with our clear thermal transfer printable CryoLabel® plastic they handle liquid nitrogen temperatures (-196⁰C) as well as water baths, solvents and chemicals such as IPA and DMSO. This two label set, consists of a small round label for the tube cap (perfect for a 2D barcode) and a rectangular tube label. Designed so you can easily see both the contents of your tube and a barcode, the tube label has an opaque print block and a long tail of clear material to wrap around your tube and back over your printed information. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T68/T69

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