High Temperature Label Materials

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ESD Labels – Taking the Charge Out of Barcode Labels

Special ESD materials have been developed to reduce the amount of static released by labels as they are peeled from their liner.  Static dissipative qualities are added to highly durable, high temperature labels for use on highly sensitive electronic equipment.

EIM Solves the Latest Lead-Free Initiative

The environmental impact of lead released from electronic equipment is becoming a major concern of consumers and governments around the globe. The “Lead-Free Initiative” aims to eliminate the use of all lead in wave solder alloys, and that means labels used in PCB manufacture will need to handle higher temperatures. EIM solves that by offering special polyimides engineered to handle increased temperatures with less discoloring, less label curl and more chemical and solvent resistance.

Thermal Transfer Labels

410 This 2 mil White Polyimide withstands higher temperatures up to 600F associated with Lead-Free Solder processes. It has a smooth, semi-gloss white coating for fine resolution printing and increased chemical resistance. An ultra-strong permanent adhesive prevents edge lift and label curl. It is suitable for auto-apply applications. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T84H/T85 or T80/T81 Resins
409 This 1 mil White Polyimide is a slightly thinner, less expensive version of our 410 product. It too, withstands the higher temperatures (up to 600F) associated with Lead-Free Solder processes, but it is NOT suitable for auto-apply applications. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T84H/T85 or T80/T81 Resins
405 This 2 mil White ESD Polyimide offers a highly reduced level of electrostatic discharge created when labels are removed from a liner or PCB. Designed for SMT and IR reflow processes, it handles tricholoroethane, freons, and other chemical and solvent reagents. On top of all this, it offers fine print quality, has very high abrasion resistance, handles tempertures up to 1000F and works well in auto-apply applications. (A 1 mil ESD option is also available – #1407 Polymide – but it is not made for auto-apply.)  Recommended Printing Ribbons: T84/T85 Resin
636 This competitively-priced 2 mil Gloss White Polyimide is perfect for high resolution 2D barcode printing. It handles surface mount applications on both the top and bottom of boards. Recommended Printing Ribbons: R94/R95 Resin 
635 This 1 mil Gloss White Polyimide is simply a thinner version of 636. While less inexpensive, it is just as chemical and temperature resistant but is not designed for auto-apply applications. Recommended Printing Ribbons: R94/R95 Resin
374 This special high-temp White Plastic is designed with a strong adhesive to handle intermittent exposure up to 500°F. This is an economical alternative to polyimides with very good temperature resistance, excellent durability and dimensional stability. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T84H/T85 or T80/T81 Resins
340 This popular White Polyester with excellent scratch and water resistance, it has an aggressive, high performance permanent adhesive.  It is ideal for instrument marking, long-term outdoor use, asset-tracking and post-solder circuit board marking. UL Recognized when printed with one of our Recommended Printing Ribbons: T68/T69, T84H/T85 or T80/T81 Resins
320 This gloss White Tamper-Evident Polyester has an extra-aggressive adhesive. Should removal be attempted, a “VOID” message is transferred to the surface from which it is pulled. Common uses include asset tracking and warranty marking. Recommended Printng Ribbons: T80/T81, T84H/T85 or T96/T97 Resins 
623 This gloss White Plastic self-destructs when tampered with; the material will actually fracture similar to chipping at peeling paint. Due to its plastic construction, it is waterproof and resistant to cleaning solutions. Common uses include asset tracking and warranty marking. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T80/T81, T84H/T85 or T96/T97 Resins 

Laser Labels

844 This Clear Polyester is perfect for self-laminating requirements such as Wire and Cable Labels. You print on a white area and then protect it by wrapping the clear part around and over the print. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications as well as hazardous environments.

NOTE: This is only a partial list of our many high temperature solutions for electronics manufacture. Since high temperature label applications can vary, please Contact Us with your specific performance requirements so that we may recommend and send you FREE SAMPLES of the best products.

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