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Blue and white asset label with property of company wording and barcode and a black background

Permanent White or Silver Asset Tags

Our classic collection of premium asset materials. These durable polyester labels feature permanent bonds to tough and uneven surfaces. Custom prints are protected against chemicals and weather exposure in harsh or rigorous conditions. They’re available unlaminated or laminated for extra protection, with a matte or glossy finish.

Fixed asset tags are perfect for:

bullet  Outdoor equipment

bullet  Industrial & heavy machinery

bullet  Electronics & laptops

bullet  Office inventory

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Good690 – This opaque white polyester offers outdoor durability as well as excellent heat, tear and chemical resistance. One of our most costasset tags. View Spec Sheet


better-640 – This gloss-coated industrial-grade polyester is designed for durable applications in harsh environments and temperature extremes. It is solvent, smudge, abrasion and moisture resistant and has a high ultimate bond that works well on uneven and textured surfaces. Also available in silver (622). View Spec Sheet

best-628 –  Our premium gloss white polyester, with special adhesive technology designed for rough, low surface energy or oily surfaces. Engineered to be resistant to harsh chemicals commonly found in the automotive and electronics industries. Also available in silver (629). View Spec Sheet

Custom laminated labels, printed for you

Good1765 – A polyester material for tagging just about anything. Bonds well to metals, plastics, and powder coatings, and stays intact under moderate chemical, weather, and heat exposure. Has an outdoor durability rating of 2+ years, and handles uneven and curved surfaces with reliable conformability. View Spec Sheet 

better-1749 – For higher performing durability, this rugged polyester is designed for harsher applications. Maintains extra bond strength to tough surfaces such as cast aluminum and low surface energy plastics, and provides superior endurance for chemical conditions and temperature extremes. Also available in silver (1750). View Spec Sheet

best-1778 –  For ultimate adhesive strength and durability. This polyester is excellent for automotive and tough manufacturing environments. Perfect for when your label needs to stick to grimy, dirty surfaces, or commit under extreme oil or chemical exposure. Also available in silver (1777). View Spec Sheet

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