Met-L-Mark® Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags

Forget ever having to label equipment again. Met-L-Mark® metal asset tags are backed with a 20-year expected life rating, as printed information is virtually impossible to dull or fade thanks to a protective anodized seal. It’s a classic case of “set it and forget it”.

Customers love Met-L-Mark® tags for:

bullet  Shipment crates & containers

bullet  Outdoor generators

bullet  Warehouse racking

bullet  Roofing & construction equipment


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metal asset tags


Need some samples?Our metal asset tags are custom printed:

798 – Met-L-Mark® – Exceptionally durable metal tags. Near immune to abrasion, chemicals, weather exposure, and temperature extremes. Prints are photo embedded in the aluminum surface and sealed underneath an anodized oxide clear finish. Provides years of use and accurate barcode reading. Bonds well to plastics, metals, and powder coatings. Can be made with holes for hanging or other attachment. 798 Material Spec Sheet

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