Jean B.

Simplify your instructions to said if you are using a USB connection, disregard the rest of the instructions. Way to complicated with the instructions. Takes a little bit of trial and error, but the printer works great. The only other thing I wish I had known that the printer does not like Truetype fonts, that is disappointing. I wish the print quality was better. I found some information missing or not complete on website and it was unclear the quality of the printer, which is seriously lacking. Also it would have been nice to know that the labels are only good for a year, we will never go through 3000-4000 labels in a year and I told the person that we only used x amount per year and she never said anything about this issue. Other than print quality and label shelf life I am happy with the product. Not thrilled with print quality at all the labels skip and miss sections quite often, which is discouraging and disappointing. Better communication would help. We have never purchased a printer like this and more info would have been helpful, but now it is too late and we are stuck with what we purchased.

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