Chad M.

I understand that business in the Northeast is different than the Southeast. But, having pricing that is 30-40% higher than your competitors is a bit hard to swallow. As a broker/reseller/agency…it would be good if you considered broker pricing for PRT. We deal with Trade Houses that offer this because they don’t place monies towards Sales & Marketing. Because we are doing that for them. I know we’ve had pricing discussions before. I would like you to know that EIM is the only printer we have these conversations with. I was not pleased with my last request to review your pricing on 2 orders. Your response Jason, was you looked at it and there was nothing you could do. After my own time of taking 45 minutes to research, I found that pricing was incorrect and PRT ended up saving close to $1,800 on that order. That kind of pissed me off. Other than that, you guys have wonderful service and quality and I’ve been loyal to that. And most of all Stacey take great care of me. Chad

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