How to Calibrate Your GoDEX GE330 Label Printer (VIDEO)

Learn how to calibrate your GoDEX GE330 label printer with this easy to follow set up video. Let our Tech Support Team walk you through all the steps needed to start printing labels with your GoDEX GE330.

How to Calibrate Your GoDEX GE330 Label Printer

How to Calibrate GoDEX GE330 Label Printer

You will need: labels, spindle, print ribbon, and take-up core.

  • Open printer
  • Assemble spindle
  • Load labels onto spindle
  • Insert spindle with labels into printer
  • Thread labels through guides
  • Load take-up core
  • Load print ribbon
  • Attach ribbon to take-up core (use tape or a label to attach). Roll it up.
  • Close lid
  • Turn the power on
  • Hold calibration button. Release the button once the top green light starts blinking.

Your GoDEX GE330 is calibrated and ready to print labels!

Have more label printing questions? The Label Experts (and our stellar Tech Support Team) are always ready to help!