Security and Tamper Evident

Secure Your Assets & Merchandise Against Theft & Tampering

Security and tamper evident ‘VOID’ labels ensure your property is protected from tampering, label swapping, and theft.

Fire Extinguisher with a VOID barcode tag

We Carry Multiple Types of Security Labels

  • “VOID If Removed” labels leave behind a distinct “VOID” pattern when peeled off and can’t be reused
  • Destructible labels will fracture & disintegrate if anyone tries to remove them
  • Removable tamper-proof labels will show a “VOID” pattern if moved, but leave no residue on the surface it’s applied to
  • Security options that are waterproof & resistant to cleaning solutions.

We are a custom label house—we can source new materials, design custom label shapes, or add unique security features, and provide guidance on security sticker options you may not know are available.

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