Food & Nutrition Labeling

Businesses looking to introduce a new food product will be required to design a label to incorporate a lot of information on their packaging. Unless you have prior experience creating food packaging labels, researching and designing your prototype can be time-consuming and prone to error.

Rather than get overwhelmed with all the requirements, EIM can help you through the entire labeling process so that you can focus on launching your new product. We offer custom labels and design services for food packaging layouts, with accompanying barcodes and nutrition facts.

Here are things your label will need:

• A UPC Barcode – You will need to contact the GS1 organization to get a barcode.

• Create a Brand/Product Identity – Do you have a name for your product?

• Ingredients in Weight Order* It takes your recipe and breaks down the basic ingredients.

• Nutrition Facts (Information Panel)

• Allergens Warning (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat & soy)

• Net Weight (on primary display panel parallel to product name)

• Optional Positive Health Claims (must comply with special guidelines)

• Location of Manufactured or Distributed By

*Rather than reading through the FDA’s Food Labeling Guide, a massive regulatory manual for food labeling, or hiring a special company to analyze the ingredients of your product, there are now web-based nutrition analysis programs available as alternatives to this process. These helpful services provide a structured way for creating a proper nutritional facts section, as well as giving users the ability to download it as a high-quality PDF document suitable for creating a complete label. EIM recommends Recipal, an affordable web-based service that implements all of these services.

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