Chemical Resistant Slide Labels

Durable Labels for Slides

Does your laboratory perform critical analysis of body tissue for early detection of diseases such as cancer? In many labs researching cytology, pathology, and other related fields, special processes involve embedding specimens in wax, slicing specimens, applying them to slides and then exposing them to special stains and Xylene to aid examination under a microscope.

Contact an actual personElectronic Imaging Materials, Inc. makes durable XyResist® labels for slides, printed or blank, specifically engineered to withstand alcohol, stains and xylene. Our labels stick to all types of slides and our barcodes scan easily into any system. If you are new to label printing, be sure to check out our easy-to-use QuickStart Barcode Label Printing Systems.

Our Stock XyResist® Slide Labels are made for printing on site for slide processing and storage. They come as roll-form products on a 1” core to fit Zebra desktop printers. These materials are specifically engineered to withstand various stains and rigorous solvents such as Xylene, alcohol acetone and DMSO.

Our Custom XyResist® labels can be made for either on-site printing or be totally printed and ready to apply. They are made to meet your label size needs and to fit full-size direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. If you want us to print your labels for you, we can add color-coding, logos and barcodes to any product. Contact Our Label Experts For Free Samples.

Barcode Labels for Slides

Each slide must be clearly marked with pertinent information such as patient’s name and Social Security number. In the past, that meant hand-writing on a label with a permanent marker. However, when that same information can be linked to a bar code and human readable text, you start to achieve far more efficiency and accurate read rates. A slide and its barcode can be easily scanned at different points in the lab process depending on how closely you need to track each case. Assigning multiple cases to a specialist can be similarly automated by first scanning a slide and then an ID card or menu with the technician’s name. Archiving samples has also never been easier since bar codes on slides can be scanned as they enter or leave a storage area, linked again to a technician’s ID and assigned to specific new location when they leave the archive area.

More and more labs are making use of automated screening devices that scan barcode labels. These devices have the ability to report test results as well as other data back to the HIS or LIS system. They can easily locate a slide at any point in the accessioning process – whether it is in the entry area, staining or being viewed. The data generated by such a system helps you to understand workflow and lab efficiency. By examining the times when specimens are scanned, you can find the processing bottlenecks and address them as needed.

We Have Lab Expertise and Label Experience

Deciding to utilize barcodes in your lab can be a daunting task. Which barcode to pick? Will all my equipment work well with just one barcode? How do I print the barcodes? What label size do I need? Will the labels hold up in the chemistry? The vital aspects of specimen testing require that barcodes be reliable, have consistent quality, and conformity. They also must be very durable since they are exposed to some of the toughest lab conditions.

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers complete bar code solutions for CytoPathology slide labeling! Our Label Experts understand not only barcodes, but the rigorous conditions to which slide labels are subjected. We offer durable XyResist® Label Materials for you to print your own slide labels. We also have complete QuickStart Label Printing Systems consisting of a label printer, software and slide labels.

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