Laboratory Paraffin Block Labels

Paraffin Cassette Labels

Specifically engineered to stick to paraffin blocks in histology labs & others, Electronic Imaging provides labels either blank or preprinted, made custom to your order. Specimen testing presents a real challenge for most laboratories with special embedding waxes, plastic cassette constructions & tough chemical exposures. Our Enduralabels are the solution* for paraffin blocks and their tough application.


Paraffin Block Labels“EnduraLabels are the solution for paraffin blocks and their tough application.”

Ask a real personThanks to a uniquely strong adhesive, our thermal transfer EnduraLabels work well on low-surface-energy plastics, rough textures, & chemically or oil exposed surfaces, Rated for service up to 300°F, they handle expsosure to hot-wax embedded cassettes before and after labeling.

For best results, histology blocks should be labeled before embedding a tissue sample in paraffin to maintain complete specimen tracking from application to microtoming. Bar code labeling allows labs to link extensive database information to specific unique samples. These labels can also include sequential numbering or readable text, but are limited due to being very narrow. We combat this with ultra clear print legibility & quality with our recommended T96/T97 or T80/T81 resin printing ribbons.

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Need labels for sample sectioning? See our XyResist® slide labels.

*Prior testing is important in any application, especially rigorous applications like paraffin blocks. Contact Us For FREE Label Samples.

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