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White cryogenic label with barcode and product name affixed to laboratory micro plate with a green background

Microplate Labels for Laboratory Microtiter® Plates

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EIM’s specifically designed CryoLabel® for microplate labels fits on micro assay plates and can withstand DMSO down to -40°C and certain chemicals. Our labels scan easily into any system and are very useful in the fields of microbiology, drug discovery, and related sciences.

Microtiter plates labels - wellplate labels

A Barcode for all Microplate Labels

The small size of the plate’s sidewalls require special attention when designing and printing a barcode. Often the bars will be finer (high density) in order to fit more data on the label. We take extra care to ensure excellent barcode read rates. We can print many bar sizes including very high-density barcodes. In some cases, your data might be best printed within a 2D barcode. Depending on label size, you may be able to get hundreds of characters of information in this type of code. We can also help with software, hardware systems, and blank labels that you can print at your facility. Repeated freeze and thaw cycles of plates require labels that resist moisture—ideal for our 667 CryoLabel® material.
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Microplate Label Material

Material Product Description
667 White  CryoLabel®
Our white thermal transfer plastic CryoLabel® is specifically designed for microplate labels stored at extremely low temperatures. Ideal for Eppendorf tubes and Microtiter plates.  View Spec Sheet

Eppendorf® is the registered tradename of Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, Germany.

Microtiter® is the tradenmark of Thermo Labsystems, Helsinki, Finland.

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