Microtiter® Plate Labels for Laboratories

Ask a real personElectronic Imaging Materials, Inc. has specifically designed Blank Labels and printed labels to fit on micro assay plates and withstand DMSO down to -40°C and other chemicals. Our labels scan easily into any system and are particularly useful in the fields of microbiology, drug discovery, and other related sciences. We provide software and printing systems which organize your label printing. We also offer our special QuickStart CryoLabel® MicroPLATE Media Kit with everything to get started for those new to label printing.

Microplate LabelsDeciding to utilize bar codes in your lab can be a daunting task. Which bar code to pick? Will all my equipment work well with just one bar code? How do I print the bar codes? What label size do I need for my microwell plates, micro assay plates and microtiter plates? How can I label other containers and fixtures? Will the labels hold up in the cold damp environment?

The answers to these questions will become clear through our lab experience and label expertise. EIM offers both printed labels and blank labels that you can print onsite, letting you determine the data stored in the plate labels.

Microtiter® plates present many challenging issues for labeling. Call us about how we can help.

  • Small sidewalls on the plates require narrow labels. Often, the data content requires a high density barcode or even a two dimensional barcode. Print quality of these barcodes is of paramount importance.
  • Repeated freeze and thaw cycles of plates require labels that resist moisture.

Why label a Microtiter®, microwell or micro assay plate?

Barcodes improve sample management. A barcode label becomes the plate’s “system ID”. When you apply a barcode label and scan it into your database system, you will either be given a location for the sample or you will enter the location where you want to put the sample. If you store your plates for extended periods, the system will keep track of the available areas for storage and can even offer help in reorganizing to make you storage more efficient. Such a system can provide precise sample identification, keeping track of comprehensive data including particulars about the sample as well as date and time of sample entry, removal and return.

Customizable Plate Labels
We offer many sizes, colors and fonts.
See our printed labels page for more information.

A Barcode For Every Plate

The small size of the plate’s sidewalls require special attention when designing and printing a bar code. Often the bars will be finer (high density) in order to fit more data on the label. We take extra care to ensure excellent barcode read rates. We can print many bar sizes including very high density barcodes when needed. In some cases, your data might be best printed within a 2 dimensional barcode. Depending on label size, you might be able to get hundreds of characters of information in this type of code. A bar code system can even help you make your storage more efficient by suggesting locations and reorganization. If you prefer, we can also help with software, hardware systems, and blank labels that you print at your facility. We offer many sizes, colors and fonts. See our printed labels page for more information.

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers all kinds of barcode solutions for laboratories. We won’t ask for your labeling business until we can present a plan for improving your labeling operations.

Microtiter® is a registered trademark of Thermo Labsystems, Helsinki, Finland.

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