Labels & Tags for Lumber and Wood Products

Lumber TagFrom the time a tree is cut and ripped into wood planks, sawmill and lumber companies need barcodes to track and sort their inventory. Efficient lumber grading systems have become critical to make the best use of every piece of wood. Old handwritten, labor-intensive recording systems have been replaced with barcodes to eliminate errors, manage time-sensitive inventory and provide more accurate yield and usage data. As graders sort their stock to prepare it for kiln drying, they now can concisely identify the vendor, the wood species, the age of the wood, the footage, and the quality with durable weatherproof plastic barcode tags. Every time the lumber is moved, those barcodes are scanned, eliminating a lot of cumbersome paperwork.

Need some samples?When the lumber moves on to the furniture, flooring or cabinet manufacturer, new barcodes follow that wood trail. As each board is cut into components and assembled into finished products, traceability of workmanship and process control is needed. Sometimes temporary pressure-sensitive labels with removable adhesives work best in the initial stages of construction. After varnishes, paint and hardware are applied and the product is ready to ship to the retailers, attractive eye-catching labels are needed. A careful selection of labels should then be done to not only to develop brand appeal but also to not damage the finish. Last but not least, there are paper price tags – yes, with UPC barcodes – to be added at the showroom.

We also can’t forget the garden and nursery industry. Living tree and plant products stored in outdoor conditions need durable labels and tags that will withstand a whole lot of moisture and temperature fluctuations. They must be UV resistant, bond to plant pots with wet surfaces, plus they usually include photo-quality images and planting instructions to assist buyers. Since the retail industry is highly competitive, the label prices have to be cost effective, too.

From plants, to raw lumber to finished goods, wood surfaces can be challenging to label. Smooth or rough wood, extreme storage conditions, dry heat, dirty, dusty work environments and more….all present tough issues to overcome. To make it easy for you to find the right label material, contact our Label Experts.

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