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slicode label attached to silicone hoses

Labels for Silicone Surfaces


Silicone surface? We’ve got a solution that will stay stuck.

Materials infused with silicone are notorious for their stubborn resistance. However, The Label Experts have developed a solution to help you label silicone with ease. SiliCode™ labels are are high-performance polyesters designed to permanently adhere to silicone and siliconized surfaces. They tout excellent chemical and UV resistance and have a temperature range of up to 302°F. NOTE: SiliCode is not recommended for retail applications.

We regularly recommend SiliCode™ labels for silicone surfaces for the following uses: 

  • Automotive hoses and belts
  • Custom injection molded plastics or rubbers
  • Medical Tubing
  • Airbag fabrics
  • Surfaces in contact with silicone release agents
  • Any surface coated with silicone

Don’t see your silicone application on the list? Don’t fret. Silicode™ cooperates with almost any silicone or siliconized surface. We’re happy to send free samples, so you can see for yourself.

Customize Your Labels

All of your labels are made-to order: cut, sized, and shaped to your exact specifications and printed with any text, barcodes, graphics, and colors that you request.

Print Your Own Silicode™ Labels

Even the most challenging applications should have labels that can be printed on-demand. SiliCode™ blank labels are available so, you can print with any thermal transfer printer.

Stop searching for workarounds and start sticking to your silicone. Request your free SiliCode™ samples today.

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