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Bar coded lumber tags, with description, affixed to lumber boards

Heat Resistant Lumber Kiln Tags

Barcode Tags for Lumber

Need some samples?Lumber processing places rigorous demands on bar code tags and labels. Our lumber tags survive a variety of extremes ranging from outdoor weather conditions to high temperature kilns and the chemicals associated with lumber processing. Our Lumber Tag products track wood products anywhere from the log to the shipping and receiving dock, and onto the retail checkout counter.

Lumber Kiln Tags – This heavy-duty white plastic kiln tag is one of our most popular tag materials because it is designed to last in some of the toughest environments. Typical uses include long-term outside storage and high temperature kilns. A standard size tag of 4.00” x 6.00” comes with a hang hole, 700 tags per roll. Other sizes available upon request. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96 (for Zebra printers) and T97 (for Sato and Datamax printers)

Barcode tags and labels help organize the manufacture and inventory management of lumber products and can be critical to lumberyard operations. That makes tag reliability, consistent quality and conformance to quality standards our top priorities and engineering support provided by Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is unmatched in the lumber and wood-processing industry. We do thorough production planning to avoid emergencies. During start-up of customer facilities we can even provide rapid 24-hour response to difficult situations. See our Lumber Label Materials Page for more wood tag and label products.


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