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Kiln Tags for lumber distribution

Lumber Kiln Tags

Lumber kiln TagsNeed some samples?Heavy duty lumber kiln tags survive the toughest environments, including long-term outside storage, high temperature kilns, and the rigorous demands of lumber processing.

Easily track wood products from the log to the shipping and receiving dock, all the way out onto the retail checkout counter with our wood labels.

Heat Resistant Lumber Kiln Tags

  • Organize and track inventory
  • Long-term outside storage
  • Made-to-order size options
  • Able to withstand lumber processing chemicals
  • Survives high temperatures up to 300℉
  • Can be purchased as printable blank tags
  • Preprinted, barcoded, & color options available


430 Ultra Durable Plastic Kiln Tag

This rigid gloss tag works for both indoor and outdoor applications. It handles temperature extremes and harsh environments, including chemical and solvent exposure. View Spec Sheet


Connect with The Label Experts to order your custom lumber kiln tags today.

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