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Furniture Labels and Tags

Need some samples?Barcoded Furniture Labels

As rough lumber is processed down into fine finished products such as chairs, tables and cabinets, the label identification needs a change. Instead of using extra-aggressive adhesive or plastic tags that hold up to outdoor conditions, the manufacturer may want labels that are easily removed and that leave no residue. They may need barcodes for tracking their manufacturing process or UPC barcodes on the finished products that go into retail distribution. To promote their products, high-quality, attractive company nameplates are also very important.

Barcode tags and labels assist in organizing manufacturing, inventory management, and automated billing. We recognize that barcodes can be critical to customer operations where essential production occurs and therefore, reliability, consistent product quality and conformance to quality standards are our top priorities. Technical support provided by Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is unmatched in the bar code industry and we do thorough production planning to handle rapid response in stressful manufacturing situations.

Cabinet LabelsTo make your label selection easy, we offer a specific choice of label materials for both short-term and permanent wood product identification:

Blank Permanent and Removable Labels for On-Site Printing: We provide many wood product label materials for solid wood, architectural laminate and other furniture surfaces. These products range from long-term durable labels to those with cleanly removable adhesives. You also have your choice of roll form and sheet form labels.

Preprinted UPC Labels: Printed to meet the standards of the GS1 (formerly the Uniform Code Council), our printed UPC labels are designed to clearly identify your products with your company and product codes, along with product descriptions if you’d like.

Company Nameplate Labels: The “finishing” touch to your products, nameplates can be designed to proudly identify your company and contact information.

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