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White barcoded labels affixed to medical vials

What Do Laboratory Labels and Research Posters Have in Common?

While Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. focuses on laboratory labeling and tracking to make research easier, once research is complete it is time to share the results. One popular method to quickly impart compelling conclusions is a conference poster session. We recently came across two different resources that help make the most out of this communication opportunity.

The December 2011 newsletter of Advance for Administrators of the Laboratory shared eleven tips for Creating an Effective Poster Presentation. Many of the tips may seem straightforward, including creating an outline and setting up the poster into distinct sections, but deadline pressure may tempt presenters to skip steps.

That’s where the second resource saves the day. Our owner recently met Jay Buckley, the creator of a service called PosterSession.com. Their site provides free templates to produce an attractive medical or scientific research poster in just three steps which they can print and ship the same day.

It struck us that their company has a similar direction to EIM in providing high levels of customer service. The bottom line for both companies: Scientists should be able to focus on their research, not logistics.

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