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label printer with roll feeder attachment

Label Printers

Contact an actual person about label printersBarcode label printers are available for many uses. When choosing a printer some important features to consider are:

  • Resolution – For thermal and thermal transfer, you can get 203, 300, and 600 dots per inch (DPI).
  • Durability – Will you print 5 labels per day or 10,000 per day? It makes a difference.
  • Label Size – Small printers can only print small labels, generally up to 4″ wide. Large printers tend to be more expensive and the print heads are too.
  • Connection type to your system – COM or LPT
  • Environmental Conditions – Metal or Plastic cases are available.

We offer a variety of printers to fit a wide range of daily printing requirements and labeling budgets. These units are made by Zebra and TSC―established leaders in the industry―and have great service, support and warranties.

 • Low Volume Desktop Printers by TSC Auto ID Technology and Zebra Technologies offer low cost and easy-to-use features that are perfect for entry level needs from about 500 to 2000 labels per day.

 • Mid-Range Volume Printers made by TSC and Zebra are economical solutions for average industrial and commercial printing that use larger media rolls for fewer changeovers.

 • High Volume, High Performance Printers are rugged Zebra work-horses for the most demanding industrial, large throughput requirements that require high print quality, faster print speeds and non-stop printing.

To learn about Mobile Control of a Printer, Click HERE.

Desktop Printers:

Grey TSC TTP-244CE label printers for printing barcode labels  

The TSC TTP-244CE is a space-saving 203 dpi desktop thermal/thermal transfer unit offered at an EXTREMELY LOW PRICE making it perfect for entry-level printing! It prints at 4 ips and features a 4.17” print width, an adjustable sensor, and takes either 74 or 110 meter printing ribbons. It comes standard with four communication ports – including Ethernet! Moreover it offers a 2 YEAR WARRANTY based on years of experience in the printer market! Options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11, peel and present, and full or partial cutters.


Black TSC TTP-247 printers for printing QR code and barcode labels

The TSC TTP-247 is the BEST SELLING TSC PRINTER! Designed slightly larger than the TTP-244 model, it has 2 motors for increased daily capacity – up to 5000 labels per day! 203 DPI. It prints up to 7 inches per second, with a maximum 4.25” print width and comes with USB, parallel and serial interfaces. What makes this unit unique is that it holds 300 Meter printing ribbons and can internally use labels on either 1” or 1 1/2” cores with up to a 5” OD. For additional roll capacity and fewer media changes, we provide an outside media supply holder so you can use full 8.4” OD rolls.  Like all TSC printers, it comes with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. Option choices include 2 cutters, a peel-off module, 2 keyboards, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and 802.11 b/g/n wireless.

TSC TC310 Label Printer

The TSC TC310  is the perfect combination of a reliable printer for entry level, high performance label printing. It features 300 dpi print quality and comes standard with four (4) communications ports – USB, Parallel, Serial AND Ethernet!). It has a compact design, prints up to 4 inches per second, and is perfect for printing high-resolution labels in quantities ranging from 500 to 1000 labels per day.

Black TSC TTP-345 printers for printing QR code and barcode labels

The TSC TTP-345 is our 300 dpi 2-motor desktop version with a 300 meter ribbon capacity and the same 5” OD internal label supply. It too, can handle up to 5000 labels per day and an outside media supply holder lets you use larger rolls of labels with up to an 8.4” outer diameter. This model prints up to 5 inches per second with a 4.17” print width and comes with 3 ports for USB, parallel and serial connectivity. This has a TWO YEAR WARRANTY with the same add-on options as the TTP-247 model.

Black TSC TX600 label printers for printing QR Code and barcode labels

The TSC TX600 is a 600 dpi desktop printer from TSC.  Label capacity up to 127 mm 5″ OD. Can print up to 4 inches per second, has an easy to use user interface, all in this smaller desktop printer! This model has all the usual connection ports: USB, Ethernet, and Serial. Wireless and Bluetooth can also be additional upgrades!

Grey Zebra ZD420 Label Printer

Zebra zd420: If you need fast 4-inch thermal printers that are easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage, then choose the ZD420. Building on the legacy of the industry-leading GK Series printers, the ZD420 Series printers deliver features and functionality that take deployment and management simplicity to a new level. The ZD420’s faster, higher-quality printing keeps your business moving, along with application flexibility and a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Grey Zebra ZD620 Printer

Zebra ZD620: When print quality, productivity, application flexibility and management simplicity matter, the Zebra ZD620 delivers. As the next generation in Zebra’s desktop printer line, the ZD620 replaces Zebra’s popular GX Series and ZD500 printers, rising above conventional desktop printers with premium print quality and state of the art features. Available in both direct thermal and thermal transfer models, the ZD620 meets a wide variety of application requirements. It offers the most standard features of any Zebra desktop printer, including an optional 10-button user interface with a color LCD that takes all the guesswork out of printer setup and status. The ZD620 runs Link-OS and is supported by our powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools that deliver a superior printing experience through better performance, simplified remote manageability and easier integration. The Zebra ZD620 — delivering the powerful print speed, print quality and printer manageability you need to keep your operations moving forward.

Mid-Range Printers:


The TSC MB240 / MB340,  203 dpi / 300 dpi unit has a 2 button 5-LED control panel, and a large ribbon capacity (450M). It works in both direct thermal and thermal transfer mode printing up to 10 inches per second on the 203 dpi model and up to 7 inches per second on the 300 dpi model on a 4.09” print width. The MB240T / MB340T, unit is just like the product described above but has a 6 button LCD color touch screen instead.

Grey and Black Zebra ZT230 printers for printing barcode labels

The Zebra ZT230, 203 dpi unit has a metal casing, an icon-based LCD graphical interface, and a large ribbon capacity (450M). It works in both direct thermal and thermal transfer mode printing up to 6 inches per second on a 4.09” print width.The ZT230, 300 dpi unit is just like the product described above but prints at a higher print resolution for fine quality barcodes and graphics. Both units have transmissive and reflective sensors for gap and black mark, slot or notch sensing. They can use media on 3” cores with 8” OD or 1” cores with 6” OD.

High-Volume Printer:

Grey and black Zebra ZT600 Printer

The Zebra ZT600-series advances the legacy of the Xi Series printers to combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform. These next-generation workhorses are designed to help you navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape. So, whether you’re concerned about growing production line demands, increasing operational complexities, integrating disparate systems or controlling investment costs, the ZT600 Series industrial printers have you covered today – and for years to come.


Black Zebra Print Server II

The ZebraNet® PrintServer II External 10/100 Ethernet Interface lets your Zebra printer become an integral part of your printing network. It makes the process easy in setting up, managing and monitoring a Zebra printer attached to a PC network via an Ethernet connection. – See more at: https://barcode-labels.com/products/label-printers#sthash.MoNBl9I2.dpuf

Black label printer feeder with role of white labels

This Media Supply Holder is a heavy-duty, free-standng metal unit that feeds labels from the outside of a printer. It allows you to use larger rolls of labels (up to 8 inches in diameter on 1″ to 3″ cores) and is perfect when you want to reduce the number of media changes. It is also good for labels that can present problems if put on 1″ cores for desktop printers or for label materials with thick, oozy adhesives.

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