BarTender® Version 10.1 – Released July 3, 2013*

Seagull Scientific’s BarTender® (Version 10.1) was released in 2013. For some “light reading,” here is some information about this upgrade: What’s New in BarTender® 10.1

If you don’t have time to read all 31 pages, this is what BarTender® v10.1 offers:

  • New “Layers” capability for better design flexibility
  • Additional types of barcodes and the ability to print barcodes in circles, semi-circles and arcs
  • More serialization features
  • New Global data fields
  • New Custom Page templates
  • New Conditional printing
  • Redesigned Print Station and Web Print server
  • Improved usability and design such as for laser and inkjet printing

BarTenderYou can update your current BarTender at no extra charge if you have an active Software Maintenance contract, purchased when you originally bought BarTender®. 

When purchasing an upgrade, you may want to consider updating your program with extra options at the same time. For instance, do you need to move up from BarTender® Basic to BarTender® Professional edition or want add extra printers? NOTE: You will have to update your current VERSION before you can update any EDITION and as of July 4, 2013, only versions 9.3 or higher are eligible for upgrade. 

EIM can typically get an upgrade processed the same day you order; we will simply arrange to have a new Product Key Code (PKC) sent to you by email so you can quickly download the upgrade and activate it; you don’t have to wait to actually receive the physical software.¹

  • To avoid a delay, make sure that your software is properly registered at least 24 hours in advance of your change order. 
  • Locate your BarTender® Product Key Code (PKC). This is typically located on the inside panel of your CD’s cover artwork. If you have a multiple license for the Professional edition and only have one CD, each PKC will be on a separate card.
  • Be sure to give us your version number and edition. To find this, go to our Help menu in BarTender® and select About option.

¹ Your old PKC number will be automatically disabled within the Seagull’s activation server to avoid future installs of the already existing new software.  

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