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Meet The Label Experts—Dee Dee Boyle

“I get pretty proud when I can go out into the community and see labels I know I’ve worked on. I enjoy that part of my job.”

Label Expert Dee Dee Boyle has been a machine operator at EIM since 2010! As the Digital Print Lead of the digital print area in Production, Dee Dee is responsible for the day to day doings of the machine operators in her area.  “I’m making sure the orders that are due out are being done, and just helping out where needed. If one of my area’s operators has an issue with their machine, I go help them figure it out.”

After her section’s jobs of the day have been sorted, Dee Dee will start making labels on her thermal transfer printer, or assisting other production areas, such as our inkjet printer section. “I’ve worked on most of the machines we have so I can go between all the different machines when needed.” And as the longtime master of our, let’s say, trickiest machine to handle, Dee Dee is the one providing training for new recruits on our printing and die-cutting machines.

As for what she loves about her job, Dee Dee says, “I love seeing the different labels that come through.” A particular highlight is spotting labels she’s worked on when she’s out and about in local stores. Never one to back down from a challenge, she adds, “It’s also very satisfying when you beat a job that’s technically really hard to do and make it run without problems—that’s a bonus.”

Flowers, Rockstar & Exploring New Hampshire

A very proud grandma, you can find Dee Dee gardening in her apartment complexes’ flower beds, crocheting, volunteering at church or her town’s local food pantry, and challenging family members to games of Rockstar or Junior Life.

“Depending on the season, my two friends who are photography buffs and I like to go for rides together—we jump in the car, head out and find places to take pictures. And we have fun along the way course! We get to go out and see different parts of New Hampshire.” Although they had to take a pause in their trips for a while because of the pandemic, we’re happy to report that since then, Dee Dee and her friends have been able to safely return to their explorations and good times!

Label Expert Dee Dee Boyle and friends

Labels + Community = ❤️

Van Decal for CharityOne silver lining during New Hampshire’s initial pandemic lockdown? Dee Dee’s local food pantry started doing home deliveries, after discovering how much lockdown was impacting nearby housebound residents. What did this have to do with EIM? Well, Dee Dee found out that the food pantry’s new delivery van needed labels! Or more specifically, it needed signs to adhere to the side of their new van.

Dee Dee decided to bring the project to the attention of EIM and got the go ahead to take on the project. She teamed up with one of our Graphic Designers to design a pair of giant labels for the van. Dee Dee now has the pleasure of seeing her custom labels out and about in the community, delivering food to those in need.

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