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Pair of brown leather shoes

Customer Spotlight: If the Shoe Fits…

Quick! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the words “medical” or “laboratory”?

More than likely words like hospitals, doctors, test tubes or sciences like pediatrics, genetics, or chemistry will pop up. In keeping with some of the most common types of medical and laboratory labeling applications, Electronic Imaging Materials is typically asked for materials to deal with issues like chemicals, cryogenic storage, or patient safety. But every so often, we have more unique challenges.

Pair of black leather shoes For example: One specialty in the healthcare field that may not get a lot of publicity is called “orthotics.” Professionals in orthotics work to design and manufacture devices to correct various aspects of our muscle and bone structure.

EIM finds it particularly interesting that some of our customers specialize in providing orthotic devices, and more specifically, apparatus for podiatry. They use innovative engineering and synthetic materials to create custom and pre-fabricated shoe inserts and ankle braces. Their products fit the needs of everyday use, from serious athletics to fashion footwear with all kinds of rigid, semi-rigid and soft fabricated devices. Challenges for them involve the biomechanical issues of individual patients, with their goals to improve the alignment of feet and ankles and reduce the pain and stress that can ultimately affect the knees, hips and even the back.

These labs came to EIM with the same need―to permanently identify their products. They wanted labels that could hold up to the constant abuse that footwear gets. The labels needed to stay adhered so that when a customer needs a replacement, they can quickly track the device back in their records and replicate the design.

Even with all the different materials and orthopedic formats, they each found our 650 EnduraLabels to be the best solution! While this label material was originally designed to work in dirty environments, the key is in the adhesive. It is especially strong and bonds to a wide variety of surfaces. More importantly, it will handle the constant friction inside footwear. With this durable, reliable material these labs can streamline their manufacturing processes and feel confident they have a long-lasting way to track their products.

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