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Barcode with red scanning laser

Barcode Software and Scanners

Request InformationForesee a barcode label need for your organization? When you need labels quickly, in unpredictable quantities, it is often better to consider investing in a printing and scanning system that fits your needs.  Other than labels and perhaps a printing ribbon, you will need three basic components:  a label printer, BarTender label printing software and a barcode scanner. If you own a label printer, label printing can be easy and quick. If you don’t have a printer yet, click to learn more about choosing the right barcode label printer. 

Printing with BarTender® Software

BarTender 2019 product packagingAre you a beginner and need something simple to install and use?  Look no further – EIM is an authorized reseller of BarTender® from Seagull Scientific, Inc®, THE label design and printing software! We use it in our own facility and know it inside and out. What makes us different from other software resellers is that we are here to provide technical support,  at no extra cost!

BarTender is the world’s leading design-and-print Windows® software for labels, barcodes, ID cards and RFID tags. Serving as either a stand-alone system or integrated with an extensive list of data import software, BarTender makes powerful tools easy to use. Features such as drag-and-drop barcoding, serialized numbering, standard compliance checks, and advanced drawing functions give you the capability needed for your unique labeling. But don’t take our word for it, check out our BarTender® informational page, Seagull’s own product brochure and download a demo. Four standard editions are available to choose from based on your printer and integration needs, but dozens more exist beyond the popular renditions we show on our website. Don’t hesitate to speak to The Label Experts today to ensure you find the right version for you.

Grey barcode ScannerScanning the Barcode Environment

What’s a barcode if you can’t read it? Barcode scanners are designed to eliminate human entry and input errors by instantly reading and transferring information to your computer. By connecting via a USB cable to your PC, scanners quickly transmit barcodes to your open application.

Finding the right scanner to fit your needs may seem confusing because they come in such a wide array of options. General Purpose, Rugged, Laser, Digital… this list goes on and on. Scanners are usually categorized by the type of industry they are going to be used in.  Examples would be – an industrial, rugged scanner would be appropriate for a warehouse environment with long distance scanning capabilities, but it would be useless for scanning website links stored in 2D barcode advertisements.

However, there are some basic features that help quickly narrow down your scanner options:

  • Hand-Held or Fixed Mount – This will tell us if you need a stand.
  • Wireless or Cabled – Do you need to move around or can you accept being tethered to your computer?
  • Types of Barcodes – What types of barcodes do you want to scan? For instance, some scanners only read 1D barcodes.
  • Scan Distance – How far away from your barcodes will you be – in inches or feet?
  • Connectivity – We typically set them with USB configuration.  Do you need something else?
  • Environmental & Storage Conditions – Where are you going to use your scanner?
  • Data Download – Do you need real time information or can you work with batch downloads?

Click here to browse our selection of scanners.

Feeling educated? Speak to The Label Experts today!

While our guide is a useful starting point, nothing can replace speaking 1-on-1 with one of The Label Experts. We are happy to assist you with creating a solution for your unique labeling needs. Simply fill out this form or give us a call at 1-800-535-6987.

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