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Brown leather work boots

Customer Spotlight: Except These Boots Don’t End Up in a Graveyard . . .

One of our customers operates a company started by his father, a first-generation Italian-American. This hard-working immigrant built the company from a small shoe repair business to a flourishing shoe store selling work boots, outdoor boots and cowboy boots to working-class families. The founder took a page from the history of the American West to name the company with his name and “boot hill.” Apparently, boots brought to mind the terms boot hill, which is a common name for the burial grounds of gunslingers—or those who died “with their boots on” (i.e., violently).

Brown leather work bootsMaybe you remember the little ditty about the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral?

Boothill . . . Boothill . . .

So cold . . . so still . . .

There they lay side by side,

The killers that died,

In the Gunfight at O.K. Corral.

This company orders our direct thermal paper labels. This high-sensitivity, high-speed infra-red label material provides high tack to glass, plastic and corrugated so is perfect for their shipping labels.

The company’s store is billed as being housed under the big copper roof. We say that it’s better than being under the big granite . . . uh . . . tombstone.

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