Our versatile pallet labels securely bond to wood & plastic wraps, offering easy locating in various sizes & color coding options. Choose tailored printing services, blank labels for self-printing or customizable designs to meet your requirements.

Test Kit

We are a trusted label provider for diagnostic testing facilities & pop-up viral testing sites. Made-to-order for various surfaces, comes in single label or custom multi-label sets for viral testing kits.


Forensic specialists rely on us for tamper-evident labels to maintain security & integrity. We offer forensics labels for sample collection & have a great selection of materials to handle tough, rigorous laboratory testing involving chemicals, solvents, cryogenic storage & other abuse.

Hologic Compatible

Enhance your Hologic machines with custom labels. Our qualified team is experienced in designing labels that perfectly fit your Tomcat Instrument, ThinPrep® 5000, and Panther Fusion® System, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Cable, Wire & Hose

Improve work efficiency & safety with self-laminating cable labels. These labels help you quickly identify wires & cables of all sizes, with a white print area and clear wrap-around protection.

Safety & Warning

Electronic Imaging Materials offers UL Labels Services for customers selling consumer products regulated by Underwriters Laboratories. Our three UL programs provide materials, printing services, & guidance in following labeling requirements.

Drum & Barrel

Our drum & barrel labels bond permanently to rough surfaces of steel & plastic containers, handling harsh transport & storage abuse, including extreme weather & salt-water immersion.