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FDA approved nutrition facts label

Faster Nutrition Facts for Your Next Food Product

One of the most exciting times is when a new product is about to be introduced. Our goal is to let you focus on your new product launch while we focus on your labels. I recently had an inside look at introducing a promising new product to a major grocery chain. Long before the first […]

Wooden toothpicks

What You Never Knew You Needed…

Everyone needs a toothpick container in their pick-up truck, right? It’s just awful when you get those bits of BBQ meat stuck in your teeth or a chunk of chit’lins or even a glob of green okra. One of our inventive customers wanted to label his “personalized” toothpick visor clips and found our popular Matte […]

Coconut tree filled with coconuts - flexible packaging labels

Flexible Packaging Labels – Customer Spotlight

Flexible Packaging Labels for Organics Organic products are booming now that more people want to be environmentally friendly. One of our clients offers organic hygiene products made with coconut oil. For those unaware, coconut oil is the unsung hero of the oil family. Not only can it do wonders at rejuvenating dry, wrinkled skin, but […]

Girl sluicing for gold

Custom Packaging Labels Digging for Gold (and Gems) – Customer Spotlight

How Custom Packaging Labels Can Make a Product Stand Out Remember when you were a kid and the thought of the Wild West and digging for gold sounded like the greatest adventure ever? Growing up on the East Coast, the Wild West seemed like another planet. Digging for gold still seemed possible though! Digging around […]

Maple leaf shaped jars filled with maple syrup

Maple Syrup Labels – Tap that Maple Tree

Do you love maple syrup? Are you what some consider a “maple syrup snob”? Do you put maple syrup on just about everything from pancakes to pizza? What about the New England tradition of freshly fallen snow scooped into a bowl and drizzled with some pure maple syrup? Ever tried that? It has to be […]

Emu head graphic

Customer Spotlight: What is an Emu, Anyway?

We had to look it up ourselves. (It’s a bird distantly related to the ostrich.) One of our customers actually raises emus on a ranch. There are a number of useful products obtainable from an emu, including its lean meat, oil, skin, feathers, nails and even its huge colorful eggs (which are used for ornamental […]

Honeybees on a honeycomb

Customer Spotlight: The Sweet Taste of Customer Satisfaction

“Press 1 for Marketing, Press 2 for Sales, Press 3 for the Operator”… UGH! You’ll never have to listen to that when you call us here at Electronic Imaging Materials! We pride ourselves on our customer service and take good care in building trusting, lasting relationships with our fan (customer) base. Just recently, we bumped […]

Candy Jar filled with assorted candies

Customer Spotlight: A Sweet Deal for Candy Lovers

Since Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. really appreciates the efforts of good marketing and promotion, we can’t help but think about one of our customers that has established a strong and ever-growing position in the food and candy packaging industry. Working through distributor and corporate partnerships, they focus on the custom, personalization of tins, jars, wrappers […]

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