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Veterinary Labels – Work Like a Dog

One of our customers is a leading provider of pet healthcare services with a clinical laboratory system providing assistance to thousands of animal hospitals across the country. Like EIM they started in 1987 but in their case, they acquired their first animal hospital. (That makes them 25 years old, just like us!) Now they own over 500 hospitals and over 50 diagnostic labs, employing thousands of doctors and professional consultants to assess veterinary care. Simply said, they are “the cat’s meow”… and they order veterinary labels from us!

Collage of EIM employee pets Statistics from the APPA (American Pet Products Association) shows that 62% of US households owned pets in 2011. That means that the well-being and health of our “babies” have never been more important.

Something that also should not go unnoticed is just how important diagnostic testing is in veterinary medicine. EIM helps this customer by providing them the labels they need to effectively test their samples. They first bought chemical-resistant slide labels barcode printed to their specifications in sets of five and sequentially numbered to organize the cytology and pathology samples for their various labs. We now make their blood tube labels, and these too, are barcode printed in sets with special check digits for error detection.

By offering veterinary labels that are already printed, we save them valuable time so they can quickly perform their tests. When veterinarians send in their samples (such as blood, urine, cultures, biopsies and radiographs), the results must be returned to the respective hospitals within a few hours. This makes it highly important to track samples efficiently and effectively. Our veterinary lab labels come delivered with the assurance that their sample identification will be properly printed with the right information and stand up to their testing demands.

People’s pets are not just simply pets―they are family―and we know that first hand. Many of us here at EIM have pets, ranging from reptiles—to cats and dogs—even horses (and everything in-between). We want only the best for our pets and that’s why it’s comforting to know that we offer dependable products for veterinary laboratory services.

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