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Emu in long grass

Customer Spotlight: What is an Emu, Anyway?

We had to look it up ourselves. (It’s a bird distantly related to the ostrich.) One of our customers actually raises emus on a ranch. There are a number of useful products obtainable from an emu, including its lean meat, oil, skin, feathers, nails and even its huge colorful eggs (which are used for ornamental purposes). Emu fat—in particular—is rendered to produce oil for cosmetics, dietary supplements and therapeutic products. In learning more about this customer, we also discovered that emu oil has important healing characteristics for burns, arthritis and eczema. Boy are we glad we had to learn more about emus!

Emu head graphic Well, it happens this customer wanted to print their own high-quality and colorful labels for their emu oil and gel pills. We had just what they needed – our TuffCoat™ High Gloss Paper Labels to work in their Primera inkjet label printer.

Email our Label Experts for more information about our High Gloss and Semi-Gloss Primera Labels. They are in stock and ready to ship immediately!

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