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Assortment of white blank label rolls

Label Rolls – That’s a Wrap! Explaining the Outer Wrap

Roll of blank white labels It was too good to be true. You called Electronic Imaging Materials for the first time to place an order for label rolls. The product selection was spectacular. The ordering process was so easy your intern could have handled it. The customer service was friendly and you enjoyed chatting. And, just like that, you got the email that your order shipped out. So you were wondering, what’s the catch? And you just found it. As you unwrap your package, it hits you–you were sent the wrong order. Rather than receiving a roll of printed barcode labels, you were sent a blank roll.


Before you ring up customer service, save yourself a call and begin to unwind the label roll. You’ll quickly see that under the outer-wrap of blank labels are the exact barcoded labels you ordered. You think maybe the machine stopped printing the end of the order. So EIM’s printers must have made a mistake?

Also false!

With every roll of labels, EIM includes an additional outer-wrap. The purpose of the outer-wrap is to protect your labels on their journey from print to delivery. It’s important to us that the labels you’re using in your application are clean and untouched. So our outer labels are there to protect from the wear and tear that can occur.

Where Does the Outer Wrap End? Where Does My Roll Begin?

To find where the outer wrap ends and your blank labels begin, check out how your roll is sealed with a lot tag label with information on it. This lot tag sticks to the last label of the outer wrap, so the label after that is the start of your blank order. Cut/tear the liner there and your roll is ready to use. If you ordered printed labels, simply unwind the roll until you reach your first printed label.

What should you do with the excess labels you ask? We pride ourselves on being neat freaks, so it’s very likely those outer labels are perfect to use in your printer and on your products. Enjoy the extras.

In case you’d prefer to use them elsewhere, here are a few suggestions from our team to yours:

• Stick one on the food in your office fridge so Jerry from accounting stops taking your lunch
• Use one to claim your parking spot that isn’t “officially” yours but might as well be
• Place one on the breakroom bulletin board to relay an inspirational message to your co-workers

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