Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Facts!

While many stores are already decking their aisles and stuffing their shelves with wintertime holiday decorations, EIM knows better than to ignore Thanksgiving. It’s an important holiday, marking the early settlers’ first interactions with Native Americans and the beginning of a great nation of diverse people. We think it would be fun to share some lesser known facts about Thanksgiving, so that you can become properly immersed (and stuffed!) in the holiday spirit.

turkey• The Pilgrims were greeted by an Abenaki, in English! He introduced another Native American, Squanto, who had been kidnapped by an English sea captain and sold into slavery. Squanto was able to escape to London and return to his homeland on an exploratory expedition.

• It was Squanto who taught the pilgrims how to cultivate corn, extract sap from maple trees, catch fish in the rivers, and avoid poisonous plants.

• Thanksgiving was designated one or two days a year beginning in 1789. George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation by the national government of the United States. The proclamation expressed that Americans should celebrate, in gratitude and happiness, the conclusion to the country’s war of independence and successful ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

• Sarah Josepha Hale launched a campaign in the early 1800’s to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. Her message wasn’t truly accepted until 1863, by Abraham Lincoln during the height of the Civil War. President Lincoln asked all Americans to “commend to His tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife.”

• President Franklin Delano Roosevelt moved the time of the holiday up a week (from the last Thursday of every November) to spur the economy during the Great Depression.

There you have it!
Our Label Experts will be out of the office November 26th and 27th to celebrate with our loved ones. We wish you, your friends, and your family all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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