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Temperature Tracking That Makes Sense

With the summer months approaching here in New England, the lake and ocean water temperatures aren’t the only things worth monitoring. This summer, Electronic Imaging Materials will be monitoring the temperatures of packages we ship to select customers. But rather than dipping a toe or two into the water (or performing the “can-opener” off a diving board) to find out the temperature, we’re going the high-tech route, using the TT Sensor Plus™.

TT Sensor Plus temperature tracking label within temperature controlled shipment packaging The TT Sensor Plus™ is a smart label that incorporates sensor functionality and temperature data logging capabilities in a low-cost, disposable label solution. When affixed to a product or container, the thin, flexible label can be programmed to record the temperature history of a shipment, at user defined intervals. Once a shipment reaches its destination, the label’s temperature data can be downloaded and reviewed from an Android™ smartphone or tablet with the easy-to use TT Sensor Plus™ mobile app.

Why are we doing this? Our high performance adhesive labels are sensitive to high temperatures and will start to ooze (learn about summertime ooze here) if they are exposed to temperatures above 100˚F for an extended amount of time. This results in the labels sticking to the printing ribbon or to the backside of the liner. By conducting this study, we’ll be able to track environmental conditions that are typical of geographic areas in a specified timeframe and allow us to consider measures to put in place to mitigate ooze.

When a customer receives a temperature tracking label along with their shipment, we are asking that they either send it back to us or keep it for their own tracking purposes. If the customer decides to keep the label, then we are asking that they please download the android app called TT Sensor Plus™, export the tracked data, and email the data back to us at products@eiminc.com. Once we receive the data, we’ll be analyzing it to see if any of our labels have been at risk to become victims to the summertime ooze.

So, be on the lookout, as you may see a TT Sensor Plus™ in your next order. Instructions will be accompanied with the label, with options of keeping it for further use, or returning it to us in a prepaid envelope. Or, if you want to work on your “flying squirrel” and dive into our study, please contact The Label Experts and we’ll arrange to have a TT Sensor Plus™ monitor your next shipment!

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