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Specimen Label

Cruze the CryoLabel® Godfather of “The Cryo’s”

‘Eeey! I’m Cruze a.k.a. The Godfather of The Cryo’s (properly known as CryoLabel® materials) from Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. Some of you may have heard of my nephew Sensy (the Sens-A-Mark®) CryoLabel® before… he’s a pretty important guy! Reliable, hard-working, resilient… he gets that from me, Uncle Cruze. But I digress… Sensy, he had a […]

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Lab Label

Sensy the CryoLabel®

“Hi, my name is Sensy and I’m a Sens-A-Mark® CryoLabel® from EIM. You have no idea how hard it is to be a label. I spend all my days on this test tube here. I go from below zero freezers to testing rooms where I am handled, scratched, and exposed to chemicals. Then, when I […]

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