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Barcode labeled test tubes

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Poorly handwriting lab labels

Handwriting Lab Labels – Quit It! (VIDEO)

Laboratories are demanding, fast paced environments. Collecting accurate data and avoiding unnecessary confusion and errors are essential to quality research outcomes. All too often research labs and other facilities rely on writing on tape or blank labels to identify and keep track of tubes, vials, microplates, slides, and other pivotal sample and chemical components of […]

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Black TSC printer printing labels

Getting Good Print Results with Direct Thermal

PROBLEM: Barcodes printed on Direct Thermal label material are not supposed to look at bright and vivid as those printed with ribbons on Thermal Transfer media. If they do, then more than likely you are applying too much heat to give them the super dark look you like. Unfortunately, by cranking up the heat, the […]

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black label printer printing reusable barcoded labels

Proper Care of Your Printhead

With appropriate care and routine maintenance, the life of your printhead (for direct thermal or thermal transfer printers) can be greatly extended. It’s important to think of printheads as replaceable consumables, just like labels and printing ribbons. However, a printhead is actually the most important part of your printer. It is also the most delicate […]

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Black TSC printer printing labels

TSC vs. Zebra: A Rivalry in Excellence

When you hear the word Zebra, it’s logical to bring up an image of a black and white striped horse-like creature. But in the barcode and labeling industry, when one refers to Zebra, they are talking about Zebra Technologies, an industry leader in label printing equipment. Zebra Technologies has been in the barcode and labeling […]

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hand gripping a pen

Handwriting Labels Cramps

So you’ve got a situation on your hands. You’ve been handwriting labels for years, but now you notice productivity isn’t where it should be. You’re paying employees for more labor hours, but see even less output since there are so many mistakes. Handwriting Labels–Worth It? Statistics show that 1 out of every 300 handwritten characters […]

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