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Product Spotlight – 686 White and 687 Clear CryoLabel® Frost

These newest members to our CryoLabel® family are cold-temperature polyesters perfect for laboratory applications involving light to moderate frost build-up. What makes them work so well is a combination of a thin, flexible design married to a strong ultra-low-temperature adhesive. You will find they work well on test tubes—even with very small diameters—along with vials, […]

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CryoLabel® Choices – Taking the Confusion Out of Finding the Right Label

For over 26 years, Electronic Imaging Materials has been offering labels for cryogenic storage. Along the way, we have tweaked and improved our CryoLabel® products to fit many different types of extreme cold temperature applications. For instance, we are introducing our NEW 667 White CryoLabel® that is very conformable and suitable for most cryogenic applications. […]

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Cruze the CryoLabel® Godfather of “The Cryo’s”

‘Eeey! I’m Cruze a.k.a. The Godfather of The Cryo’s (properly known as CryoLabel® materials) from Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. Some of you may have heard of my nephew Sensy (the Sens-A-Mark®) CryoLabel® before… he’s a pretty important guy! Reliable, hard-working, resilient… he gets that from me, Uncle Cruze. But I digress… Sensy, he had a […]

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Customer Spotlight: Saving our Resources―One Drop at a Time…

It is sometimes sad to realize just how much we take for granted in our everyday lives and that a lot of laboratory work involves extensive time and effort to understand the very world about us. For instance―rain water… One of our customers at the State Water Survey, a division of the Prairie Research Institute […]

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Sensy the CryoLabel®

“Hi, my name is Sensy and I’m a Sens-A-Mark® CryoLabel® from EIM. You have no idea how hard it is to be a label. I spend all my days on this test tube here. I go from below zero freezers to testing rooms where I am handled, scratched, and exposed to chemicals. Then, when I […]

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Customer Spotlight: Do Your Joints Creak in the Cold?

You would think a medical device company with the word “cryo” in its name would use our ultra-cold temperature CryoLabel®. They do in fact, specialize in low temperature preservation of human implantable tissues but they also develop implantable biological devices and biomaterials such as surgical adhesives used in cardiac, vascular and spinal reconstruction. That is […]

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Banking on our Ecological Future

Did you know that every day FOUR plant species risk extinction? Alright, imagine if various kinds of vegetation vanished altogether… How would mankind sustain its existence, you ask? Plant species are absolutely essential to our survival as they recreate vital plant organisms that produce oxygen and maintain nourishing food sources. Lucky for us―important measures are […]

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