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honeycomb dripping with honey

Customer Spotlight: The Sweet Taste of Customer Satisfaction

“Press 1 for Marketing, Press 2 for Sales, Press 3 for the Operator”… UGH! You’ll never have to listen to that when you call us here at Electronic Imaging Materials! We pride ourselves on our customer service and take good care in building trusting, lasting relationships with our fan (customer) base. Just recently, we bumped into one of our local customers and he expressed just how much he enjoyed working with our sales representatives to get labels for his honey jars.

This new label challenge provided some obstacles… or so our customer thought! What did this challenge look like?


  • Cost-effective labels in two different sizes
  • Printed beautifully in process color
  • Gold letters in the brand name that needed to POP
  • A homemade graphic done by their daughter

Honeybees on a honeycomb Cost-effective labels, printed beautifully in process color, on two different label sizes, with eye-catching GOLD lettering―just like they had hoped for! Oh, and did we mention that we also used the original artwork done by their daughter? It was all there! How on Earth could something like that possibly be feasible, you ask? Well, if we told you… what fun would that be?!

What we can tell you is that the process was fast and simple – starting off by our Label Experts recommending a qualified material right on the spot! The original artwork was taken directly from the customer’s USB drive, downloaded onto our computers and sent to our graphic designer where some pre-production samples were printed and shipped out just as quickly. The samples were approved and the ordering process commenced over the phone shortly thereafter.

We know doing business over the phone can seem “distasteful” to some people, but its different here at EIM. You can count on getting REAL people on the other end of the line and we’ll ALWAYS be happy to help! We’ll do everything we can to keep you satisfied… and maybe even recommend a movie while we’re at it! (Have you ever seen “Ulee’s Gold” with Peter Fonda? He’s a beekeeper… you really should see what all the buzz was about!)


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