Customer Spotlight: A Sweet Success

Vidalia® onions are known worldwide for their sweet taste and stand out as a favorite for uses such as salad dressings, onion rings, caramelized sauces, steak toppings, etc. What is even better is that these onions are good for you providing 38 mg of calcium, 3 g of fiber, and 0 g of fat―plus they are known to fight infections and help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. No wonder The Grinch likes them so much!

OnionsSurprisingly these deliciously delectable onions are exclusively grown in Georgia, taking their name from the farmers’ market in the city of Vidalia. Georgia’s sandy soil and mild climate are the perfect home for Vidalia® onions. For all these sweeties have only been around for about sixty years, word spread quickly―thanks to the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store’s decision to put them on their shelves. (Interestingly, PW is also headquartered in Vidalia). It seems very fitting that Georgia named the Vidalia® onion their state vegetable in 1990.

Each acre of land set aside for Vidalia® onions can sustain up to 70,000 plants. With all these onions being planted and collected, farmers need labels to keep track of them from harvest to sale.

Electronic Imaging has a wide selection of label solutions for all types of food product identification. One particular customer offers a great assortment of Vidalia® products to complement their extensive line of tasty fruit and vegetable jams, relishes, sauces and salsas. To keep track of all their specialty foods, this producer uses one of our popular thermal transfer paper labels for their retail packing.

The next time you are at the grocery store, we hope you will remember this little bit of trivia about the Vidalia® onion and give them a try. And don’t forget―they are not only tasty, but healthy for you!

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