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Piles of assorted spices

Customer Spotlight: Spicy Enterprise Close to Home

Electronic Imaging works with customers across the nation and around the globe. It’s fascinating to see how our products are used and even more so, when we can help a local company.

One such opportunity involves a 45-year-old business that specializes in aromatic spices and herbs. The founder had a degree in botany and applied his training in plants to develop an enterprise that literally started out of a suitcase! As his business grew, he opened a health food store and then set up full operations in the beautiful hills of New Hampshire.

Spice pile When he decided to retire five years ago, he turned the business over to a family dedicated to preserving his same values. The husband utilizes his microbiology and biochemistry training to maintain quality control and do product development. His wife takes on a variety of roles from customer service to marketing and general operations. That’s no small task since they have a website, an ecommerce storefront, a newsletter, Facebook and weekly video blogs to regularly update. Their Mom and Dad help out, as do even their young children who pitch in to do tasks like preparing catalogs for mailing.

This family is particularly conscientious about our environment and so they use economical packaging materials such as recycled, biodegradable paper bags from which customers can simply transfer their spices to hard containers upon receipt. They also offer attractive amber-colored storage jars – a color chosen because it helps protect and preserve the oils in spices from UV light breakdown.

They offer over 100 species and blends of chef-quality herbs and spices, essential and fragrance oils, as well as gourmet salts; soon to be added will be botanical oils and potpourri. To keep up with labeling all their wholesale and retail orders, they needed a variety of labels. All of their labels had to provide the durability needed to hold up to oils, corrosive salts and moisture.

• They first chose our 5685 Clear Plastic labels that provide a clear window to see jar contents. We print these personalized labels for one of their resellers, complete with UPC and QR barcodes.

• They next added our durable 670 White Wet-Stick Plastic labels with preprinted graphics done in process colors to create a pretty frame for the variable information they add on site with their Zebra 170Xilll thermal transfer printer.

• They even use a 320 VOID Tamper Evident label that is tinted black to match the color of their jar caps and provides extra security on special products.

This company is determined to have a sustainable multi-generational family business and EIM plans on being here for them! No matter how broad their product line becomes, we have their labeling solutions!

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