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Packing Labels and Shipping LabelsContact an actual personShipping, Inventory and Package Labels – Perhaps the quickest return on labeling with bar codes can be found in the areas of shipping and packaging. Thermal and thermal transfer printers are perfect for printing one label at a time and printing them very fast, so they have become the de facto standard for these applications. However, sheet form laser labels are also very popular, especially for larger label formats. Some retail giants mandate the quality of their barcodes, levying fines on those not in compliance and with that in mind, we offer excellent labels for shipping and box labels. We can also help you with label printers, label software, label applicators and barcode scanners.

201 Paper This smooth bright white matte material offers high sensitivity for high speed printers. The adhesive works in sub-zero temperatures.
202 Paper This economical, general-purpose product has medium sensitivity for standard speed printers and has an all-purpose adhesive commonly used for weigh scale applications.
204 Paper This general-purpose medium sensitivity paper comes with a tight release liner good for standard speed desktop printers and has an aggressive initial tack adhesive.
264 Plastic This durable, high sensitivity film works in high speed printers and handles extremely cold temperatures.
Direct Thermal Paper This IR-scannable paper is made for high sensitivity, high speed desktop printers thanks to its tight release liner.  It has a broad all-temp adhesive and comes in custom or Stock Label Sizes.
   310 Paper This ultra-smooth paper is good for tinted labels and has a good quick stick bond.
   390 Paper This quick stick opaque paper is designed for cover-up applications.
   617 Paper This strong premium semi-gloss paper is suggested for freezer storage and LSE surfaces.
  666 Plastic  This is an opaque product for block-out requirements, cold temperatures and automatic application to LSE surfaces.
Thermal Transfer Paper This very economical paper has an ultra-smooth finish for tinting and flexo printing, plus good smudge and scratch resistance. The general purpose adhesive has a broad service temperature range. It comes in custom or stock label sizes.
668 Plastic Freez-R-Mark™ labels have a smooth face for easy printing and a freezer-grade adhesive with excellent tack and bond well to varnished or waxed corrugate.
670 Plastic This economical smooth opaque film has a cold temp, high initial tack adhesive for LSE surfaces and good wet stick performance in moist, damp conditions.

We can’t begin to list the options available to you with shipping labels. You can get logos, custom adhesives, special shapes and sizes. Give us a call at 1-800-535-6987 or Email Our Label Experts and we can help you determine which combination of products and services will help you achieve your shipping and packaging goals.

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