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UPC Barcode Labels

UPC Label Solutions for Small Businesses & Retail Products

Pine needles, barcode, longlife pine seeds wording on a green oval, and official state tree of Alabama wordingWe offer a wide variety of Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode labels designed for small businesses. For each specific item, the UPC code—or ISBN Bookland/EAN code for books and other media—is linked to its manufacturer and tracked through the GS1 System to provide control and security of goods in the supply chain.

If your product is sold in the retail marketplace, it MUST have a UPC code. While mass-marketed items made in large quantities often incorporate UPC codes directly into their printed product packaging, small businesses may want to use UPC labels.*

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Before purchasing UPC labels, you must get a UPC number for your product from the GS1 US Global Standards Organization. More information about UPC barcodes and how to get one.

Print Your Own UPC Labels

Need to get up and running fast? Our complete UPC Label Printing Systems make getting started easy. We’ll help you find the right label material to fit your needs and provide you with labels, a printer, barcoding software and ready-to-use templates. Another big plus? We provide free, ongoing technical support!

Or You Can Buy Preprinted UPC Barcode Labels

We can print your UPC labels for you with the assurance they will meet GS1 print quality and barcode scanning standards.

Contact The Label Experts to order your UPC labels today.

*NOTE: For packaging that incorporates a UPC or ISBN right in your graphic design, we can provide the code in electronic format—typically an EPS file. Contact The Label Experts for more details.

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