Custom Plant Tags & Garden Labels

potted plant labelsOur specialty materials are a complete solution for gardens and greenhouses that need to label and identify their plants, trees, pots, bags, and more.

We’ve got the weather covered

Labels and tags are designed for permanent outdoor use, with resistance to withstand sunlight, heat, humidity, water, snow, wind & dirt. See below to select the right material for your application.

Customized for your inventory

Labels and tags are printed to your size and design. Custom options for barcodes, images, logos & more are available. Labels are professionally printed & finished or ordered as blank to use with your own thermal printer.

Individualized care for every order

We’re experienced with garden labeling for over 30 years. Check out our blog post about other nurseries we’ve helped! Award-winning service is only a phone call or Label Expert request away.
Need some samples?
Use/Application Label Material Tag Material Description Printing Ribbon
Plastic Pots, Shipping Carts & Plastic Trays 631 White, glossy plastic. General purpose & waterproof. T84/85 or T68/69
Ceramic Pots 670 White, clay-coated plastic. Waterproof, tear resistant, grease resistant, & not affected by temperature fluctuations. T68/69 or T96
Plants & Trees
(hang tag only, not plant markers in soil)
429 White, matte plastic tag material (no adhesive). Extremely versatile, great for trees, outdoor use. T68/69, T96/97 or T84/85
Plants & Trees
(hang tag only, not plant markers in soil)
448 White plastic tag material (no adhesive). Tear & puncture resistant. Very durable. T68/69, T96/97 or T84/85
Lumber  430 Ultra-durable plastic tag material (no adhesive). Can handle temperature extremes, including harsh chemicals and solvent exposure. Great for long-term outdoor storage. T96/97 or T84/85
Cardboard Trays 615 White, matte paper with general purpose adhesive. T38
Ceramic Pots 310 White paper with high tack adhesive. T38 or T58
Electronic Imaging Materials