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Barcode labeled test tubes

Laboratory Vial & Test Tube Labels

Barcoded test tube Labels with customizable laboratory name, color, and design
Labels for test tubes can vary in size, barcode specification and color.

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers vial and test tube label options, ranging from high quality paper to synthetics and durable polyesters. Our test tube and vial labels track samples in the areas of chemistry, hematology, virology, genetics, DNA sequencing, forensics and drug discovery, for purposes ranging from diagnostic testing to disease prevention testing, and more. (If you are looking for freeze resistant labels, be sure to check out our Cryogenic Labels Section or check out how we helped this hospital with cryogenic vial labels.) Select solutions ready to ship! Read about our labels for glass vials.

Why barcode your vials and test tubes?

  • Improved sample management
  • Precise specimen identification and location assignment
  • Ability to post results to various LIS/HIS analyzers
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Contact an actual personWe offer highly customizable printed options with barcodes and color coding. We also carry blank vial labels for printing on demand at your facility where we can provide you with a complete barcode printing system. Check out our stand-alone label printerslabel design and printing software and barcode scanners.

Labeling really small test tubes? Our Cap and Wrap® Label Sets consist of a small round label for the tube cap (perfect for a 2D barcode) and a rectangular tube label small enough so you can easily see the contents of your tube.

Test Tube Label Materials

Product Description
201 Direct Thermal Paper Smooth, bright white paper with a special topcoat provides excellent resistance to water, blood, oils, fats, alcohol, solvents, and plasticizers. All-temperature adhesive works well in a variety of conditions, including sub-zero temperatures. View Spec Sheet
233 Direct Thermal Papers High-sensitivity, high-speed infra-red scannable material designed to work well in healthcare and clinical applications. Our glove-friendly “healthcare” adhesive provides high tack adhesion to curved surfaces such as glass and plastic tubes. Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, alcohol, blood and plasticizers. Tested for 15-hour water immersion. View Spec Sheet
257 Direct Thermal Plastic Durable high-sensitivity synthetic film made for high-speed printing and visible-light barcode scanning. Excellent resistance to oils. Good environmental resistance as well as resistance to plasticizers, water and rubbing. Its all-temperature adhesive works especially well in normal to freezer conditions. View Spec Sheet
568 White CryoLabel® Biaxially oriented polypropylene with aggressive cryogenic acrylic adhesive and a 50# white glassine liner. Designed for cryogenic applications such as test tubes and ampules. View Spec Sheet
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