Laboratory Vial & Test Tube Labels

Customizable Vial Labels
Labels for test tubes can vary in size, bar code specification and color.

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers many label options for use on test tubes and vials. Ranging from high quality paper to synthetics and durable polyesters, we have all your labeling solutions. Our labels are particularly useful in the fields of chemistry, hematology, virology, genetics, DNA sequencing, forensics, drug discovery and other related fields. If you are looking for freeze resistant labels, be sure to check out our Cryogenic Labels Section.

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Why use barcode labels?

Contact an actual personA barcode label becomes your “systems ID”. Analyzers make use of bar codes in reporting results to your information system. Your system tracks your test tubes through the lab allowing you to locate them easily. When you apply a barcode label and scan it into your database system, you can be assured you are using the correct medication, blood or IV dosage.

  • Improved sample management
  • Precise specimen identification and location assignment
  • Ability to post results to various LIS/HIS analyzers

Utilizing barcodes in your lab can be a daunting task. Will all my equipment work with just one bar code? Can I get the label size I need? Can I peel off a label and view the original markings on a tube? Will the labels hold up in a wet/damp environment or even cryogenic storage? Is there a label which will stick better?

Whatever the question, our lab experience and label expertise will provide the answer.

We support many HIS and LIS systems with standard label sizes and can create custom labels to fit specific requirements. Both printed labels and blank labels for printing on demand at your facility are available. If you are considering printing labels onsite, check out our QuickStart Barcode Label Printing Systems to make printing quick and easy. We also offer stand-alone label printers, label design and printing software and barcode scanners.

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