XyResist® Slide Label Materials

Tough conditions call for tough slide labels

Ask a real personSlide labels need to hold up to a wide variety of harsh solvents and chemicals like alcohol, xylene and DMSO. Bar codes on slides need to remain clear and readable in order to be properly scanned. As you might already know, some labels perform better in cytology and pathology labs than others. Below we have listed some of our CytoLabel® Slide Materials with some information about their characteristics and features. These labels play a key role in the printing of barcodes for slide labels. Now Available: Colored labels which enable labs to create a color coding system. Call 800-535-6987 for more info.

Material Product Description
XyResist® White Plastic For thermal transfer printing, XyResist® white CytoLabel® offers excellent print quality. The label will not stick to gloves, and yet it will handle cold temperatures. It is suitable for slide identification because it resists the effects of xylene. Care has to be taken not to touch the ribbon ink while it is wet with Xylene. We recommend the use of the T66/T67 ribbon.
XyResist® White Polyester For thermal transfer printing, this CytoLabel® offers excellent print quality, as well as resistance to xylene, stain and xylene substitutes. This stock is a matte white in color and is waterproof, with a solvent and temperature resistant adhesive. We recommend our T84H/T85 resin ribbon for ultimate print quality and durability.

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