Slide Label Questionnaire

How your needs affect your Label Design

Contact an actual personBarcoding in Cytopathology and other labs can bring many benefits to management and the bottom line. The exact design of your system will be determined by a number of factors. The questions below will help you shape your needs and goals for your system. Some of the issues will affect the design as well as the source of your bar codes.

Questions How the answers might affect your system design
Your Lab Today
Do you have or are you planning to make use of Automated Screening Devices like those from Neopath® and PapNet®? You will want to be sure to match their required bar code types.
Are you using Lab Management Software that expects a bar code? If importing data from or sending data to this system, you will want to watch the structure of the data and the size of the bar code data to ensure compatibility.
Can your current lab information system print bar codes? If your current system prints labels with bar codes, Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. can make labels to fit into the printing device of your system.
Is your volume Low (Under 10,000 samples processed per year)? Often, preprinted labels with or without bar codes are the best answer for a small lab. You will not be able to get patient name or SSN on the labels unless you write them.
Is your volume Moderate to High (10,000+  samples processed per year)? Printing labels in your own lab allows you greater flexibility and lower cost of supplies.
Do you have a widely fluctuating number of slides per case? If the number of slides per case has great range (example 2 to 20), then you might want to consider printing the labels in your lab.
Do you use xylene when staining the slides? Only a limited number of label types can withstand the chemistry in staining slides. You will need to test these products thoroughly. The level of the chemicals in the staining unit is also a significant factor.
Goals for Your Lab
Do you want to identify your slides with information particular to the patient (SSN or name, etc.)? This need is best addressed with an in-lab printing system. Other methods are available, but typically have high cost or more labor in sample prep.
Do you want to import or export data from or to another system? Due to the great variation in lab information system design, an off-the-shelf package will have to be modified slightly to give you these capabilities.
Do you want to report on your workflow? You might already have some capability built into your information system. If not, then the data entered into a printing system might be exported for external analysis in a package like MS Excel. The off-the-shelf package will have to be modified slightly to give you these capabilities. Optionally…
Do you want to improve your locating of slides? By scanning slides into the system at different points in the lab and archiving area, you can quickly locate a slide or determine who has the slide in their possession.The off-the-shelf package will have to be modified slightly to give you these capabilities.
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