Printed Slide Labels

Contact an actual personElectronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers printed XyResist® labels for use in cytology or pathology labs. Our special printing equipment allows us to bring you very durable labels in any format, color and bar code that you need. Preprinted labels are an easy way to improve slide management in your lab. By including barcodes, you can track cases through the lab with bar code scanners.

XyResist® Labels that are exceptionally durable AND economical

Exposure to rigorous lab chemicals and stains such as xylene, acetone, DMSO and alcohol means that the labels need to be tough. When we print XyResist® labels for you, we can use our special xylene-resistant adhesive and protect your printed information with an extra layer of film.

Labels available in many designs and sizes

The nature of the work done in your lab determines the design and size of the labels you need. You may prefer to work with XyResist® labels that are in sets of 2, 3, 4 or more slide labels leaving one label for paperwork. Or you might prefer multiple copies of the same slide label. The size of the label is up to you. We can make XyResist® labels that efficiently use the available space and are of a size you can quickly apply to slides. We can even make you labels with a serial number on the top section leaving a zone at the bottom for adding hand-written case or patient information on your labels.

Group your work logically to reduce errors and expedite processing.
Grouped Slide Labels Special Slide Groups Design Your Own Slide Labels
Examples of 1, 2, 3 and 4 labels across. One of the labels can be designated for paperwork. Special sets can be used with different label sizes. We can make any label size or set design that you need.

Labels that contain the information you need

Facility name, year, sequenced case number, sequenced slide number (if multiple slides per case) are examples of some of the information that we can include on your labels. Starting with extremely durable white and clear materials, we can add colored text or graphics to your black barcodes. If you need bar codes to tie into your information system, EIM will work with you to get the right ones on your labels.

You choose the information and design for your labels
Colored Slide Label Text Barcode Slide Labels Customizable Slide Information Sequential Numbering Available
Text-only labels can be white or clear and printed in any combination of colors. Barcodes should be printed on a solid material with black print, but we can add color to your label in other areas. Patient-specific information can be added this label. You simply fold a clear layer of laminate over the hand-written section to protect it. Multi-part label sets and sequential numbering are available to help you manage your tests. We can print any bar code you need.

XyResist® labels delivered to you quickly with exceptional service

Labels are the key to effective lab management, whether they have barcodes or not. We are aware of this, and we act fast to provide all of your label needs. Your order is confirmed back to you within minutes. Our knowledgeable staff will ease the process of ordering labels. If you are worried about running out of labels, we can plan scheduled shipments to arrive for you on a regular basis.

We are always available to discuss your label needs. Our Label Experts Can Provide Free XyResist® Label Samples and help you determine the best label design to achieve your goals. Let our experience work for you.

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