Laminating Label

Sens-A-Mark® CytoLabel®Patents, patents, patents. As a custom label manufacturer that specializes in solving difficult label applications, Electronic Imaging Materials is constantly developing new label products and engineering concepts. One recent project led us to pursue a new patent called the Laminating Label¹. This revolutionary self-laminating label lets customers print their own labels and easily cover them with a protective overlay. Combining a unique two-part design with precision engineering, we create labels that fold after printing to position a clear laminate directly over the printed area with no hassle. Furthermore, these labels will easily run in thermal or thermal transfer printers where previous laminate flap designs failed.

One example of this Laminating Label is our innovative slide labeling product called Sens-A-Mark® CytoLabel®. Engineered with exclusive, chemical-resistant materials, Sens-A-Mark® CytoLabels® let you can print on-demand with any desktop or full size-size printer and in rhythm with the rest of your cyto-pathology process. This is perfect for laboratories needing special protection against chemicals, solvents and other abuse.

It’s as simple as print, place, peel, position and press. You simply print on the solid portion of the label set, place it on the slide, peel off the clear film laminate to precisely position it over the label and press firmly into place.

But labs are not the only place where the Laminating Label can be used…Some other areas include asset identification for colleges, libraries, and museum collections or even warehouses using packaging and shipping labels. Whenever you need a printed label with extra protection, this design is for you!

The Laminating Label is only available from EIMINC®, so contact us for more information.

¹ US Patent Number 7,802,388

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