Plate Label Materials

Contact an actual personBarcode labels need to remain clear and readable in order to be properly scanned. Certain label materials perform better than others, on plastic plates and especially in cryogenic storage conditions. Below we have listed some of our Plate Label Materials with their characteristics and features. Be sure to Contact Us For Free Samples or more information.

Material Product Description
Material 347 This thermal transfer plastic has an extra-aggressive adhesive good for difficult surface conditions and exposure to vapor phase liquid nitrogen. This product is best suited for plated microplate surfaces. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97, T68/T69 or T80/T81 Resin.
Stock Product 667/T84H A white thermal transfer plastic, our leading CryoLabel® is specifically designed for vials and plates stored at extremely low temperatures. This label is used with Eppendorf tubes and Microtiter plates. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T84/T85

Eppendorf® is the registered tradename of Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, Germany.

Microtiter® is the tradenmark of Thermo Labsystems, Helsinki, Finland.

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