Forensic Label Materials

Bar code labels need to remain clear and readable in order to be properly scanned. This list includes some of the most popular label materials used in forensics. Also see our Asset and Security Label Materials and Stock Label Products for more options.

Product Description
White CryoLabel® This thermal transfer plastic is specifically designed for vials and plates stored at cryogenic conditions. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T86/T68 and T96/T97 Resin
Clear CryoLabel® This thermal transfer “wrap around” plastic comes with a colored block for printing barcodes. When sized properly, the clear section wraps completely around test tubes and back over the printed area, providing the durability of an over-laminate. Like our White CryoLabel®, this label handles extreme cold storage. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T68/T69 Resin
XyResist® Plastic This thermal transfer plastic is good for labeling many surfaces including glass slides and handles exposure to chemicals, stains and solvents. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T44 and T66 Wax Resin
XyResist® Polyester This extra durable thermal transfer film will handle not only chemicals but also temperatures up to 300°F. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T84H/T85 Resin
Tamper Evident VOID This thermal transfer polyester is excellent for evidence bags because it leaves a white “VOID” pattern if anyone tries to remove it. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T80/T81 or T96/T97 Resin
Destructible Plastic This fragile thermal transfer plastic is another great solution for labeling evidence because it chips like peeling paint if tampered with. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T68/T69 or T80/T81 Resin
Cold Temperature Paper Laser printable, this specially coated, water-resistant material has an extra-aggressive adhesive that excels in cold temperatures down to -65°F. Available in 8.5″ x 11″ sheets
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