Labels for Forensics

Forensic Evidence LabelsForensics, or the more formal term of “forensic science,” has become a popular theme for television. We see the cops going back to their lab and running all sorts of tests, dazzling us with their unique and creative methods to answer the “who-what-why-when and how’s” of criminal activities.

For those not totally familiar with the term: forensics covers a wide range of disciplines used to provide evidence for our legal system. Thanks to talented research scientists, we no longer have to catch the culprits “in the act” or rely on intensive interrogation. Going beyond the doctor (or medical examiner) who determines the cause of death, forensics looks at all types of evidence found in fields as diverse as accounting, botany, chemistry, computers, dactyoloscopy (finger prints), DNA, entomology, pathology, serology, toxicology, trace evidence and much, much more! Forensics can also be used to establish paternity, identify endangered species, match organ donors or authenticate consumables. Sometimes the smallest of details can be vital in establishing facts and influencing legal decisions.

To maintain reliable chain-of-custody and to avoid contamination or loss of that information, forensic specialists turn to Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. for our durable tamper-evident barcode label solutions. We have extensive expertise in labels for sample collection and have a great selection of forensic label materials to handle tough, rigorous laboratory testing involving chemicals, solvents, cryogenic storage, and other abuse.

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