Sens-A-Mark® CryoLabel®

Sens-A-Mark® CryoLabels®

Virology, Microbiology, Genetics and other related fields have come to rely on our CryoLabel® Products  to withstand ultra-cold conditions. In fact, you may already be familiar with our Clear CryoLabel® designed with a small white block for thermal transfer barcode printing. When you wrap the clear labels completely around your container, you still see the contents of your tube or vial, and yet the printed image is protected from lab chemicals and solvents.

Unfortunately, clear labels often present a challenge for label printing equipment. The only way― until now―for a printer sensor to know when to advance from label to label was to add a sensing slot, notch or black mark.  The white print blocks simply didn’t provide enough opacity for printers to detect labels and advance label to label.  This meant buying special tools or adding extra manufacturing to the labels.

Our Sens-A-Mark® Labels are not your ordinary self-laminating label!

Now you can easily print clear CryoLabel® products in any label printer thanks to a specially colored print block. Special tooling is not needed so you can fully utilize our extensive tool library to fit your label needs. To assure high quality, fine resolution printing and excellent barcode scanning, we recommend our T68/T69 thermal transfer ribbons that have been thoroughly tested to work on the Sens-A-Mark® labels.

As always, EIM can completely print your labels for you in sequential or data file formats, in single or multi-part layouts. For color-coding, we even offer the Sens-A-Mark® labels in a variety of colors. No matter what way you want your clear CryoLabel®, the Sens-A-Mark® design offers you savings and the security that your cryogenic labels will meet all your printing and application needs!

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