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Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. manufactures unique cold-temperature labels used in fields such as Virology, Genetics, DNA Sequencing, Drug Discovery, Forensics and other related laboratory sciences. We specially engineer our CryoLabel® line of products to handle cryogenic temperatures and to adhere to a variety of vials, test tubes and plates knowing that freezer and liquid nitrogen storage present many challenging issues for labeling:

  • Some plastic and glass vials have special silicone coatings to minimize the effects of spilled liquids.
  • Tight diameter vials are problematic for labels needing to stick well around the curve.
  • Small vials require small labels and yet the contents of the vial often need to be visible.
  • Repeated freeze and thaw cycles require labels that resist moisture.
  • Small side walls on microwell, micro assay and Microtiter® plates require narrow labels.

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EIM offers both custom printed CryoLabel® and Blank CryoLabel® that you can print onsite. From a solid selection of CryoLabel® Materials for both thermal transfer and laser printing, we also have some unique labeling designs to fit special labeling needs:

Cryo Labels for VialsCryo Labels for Plates

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